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FASD — You Can’t See What You Don’t Know –
helping others understand an invisible disability

2-Day Program
A presentation on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and the use of service dogs for families, providers, law enforcement officers and educators

Growing Up with FASD

1-day Program

  • Objective 1: If it were you – what would be helpful to become as independent as possible and become part of a community
  • Objective 2: Recognizing the need to educate others about individuals living with FASD
  • Objective 3: Thinking outside the box to find evidence-based interventions for individuals affected by FASDs
  • Objective 4: Create a Model Plan of Support for individuals living with FASDs

FASD and Sexuality –
Creating clear understanding and safe boundaries

Half day program

The early childhood years are most often the easiest time for parents and caregiver rearing children with FASD. As the years pass, the gap between those with FASD and their chronologically-aged peers widens and the real tough times begin, with the most challenging time of all being adult life.

This session bravely connects current brain research to real life, dares to address the common challenges regarding appropriate social/sexual behaviors facing children with FASD throughout the life stages; and suggests proven strategies for safety and more positive outcomes.

Issues covered in this workshop include:

  • Typical markers that suggest the presence of an FASD
  • The impact of FASD on sexuality
  • Identifying barriers to sexuality but also creating boundaries
  • Specific brain and hormonal differences in many individuals with FASD
  • Therapeutic approaches that work with clients with FASD

Triumph Through the Challenges of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

10-hour series of instruction - Training for Educators

Developed by Double Arc, Nofas Ohio and funded by a grant through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. 
Donnie Kanter Winokur was certified as a facilitator and trainer in 2009 by Double Arc, Nofas Ohio for both parent and educational training programs

Training for Educators
This workshop provides basic information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) through a 10 –hour curricula. The series can be adjusted to accommodate individual school schedules. Topics include cause, prevalence, how alcohol affects the developing brain, primary and secondary disabilities.  Participants will learn how to develop effective strategies and supports for persons with FASD; and what it looks like in the classroom.


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