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“FASD -You Can’t See What You Don’t Know”;
helping others understand an invisible disability

2-Day Program
A presentation on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and the use of service dogs for families, providers, law enforcement officers and educators

Program: September 3, 2010  
“You Can’t See What You Don’t Know” - Keynote Speaker
7th Annual FASD Symposium Sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and the MS Advisory council on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

You are such an inspiration to all those who meet you.  Thank you for surrendering to this challenge and turning it into the opportunity it has become.  I am thrilled to have had you in my home state. 
Susan Davis
Mississippi Department of Education Division Worker

Program: April 2012, You Can’t See What You Don’t Know: Understanding the Abilities of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Powell River, B.C. Canada;
sponsored by CC Duncan Executive Director of 4children.ca

"Being impressed with the whole concept of service dogs and their working with children with FASD had me wanting to connect with Donnie (Winokur) on so many levels. From our first conversations, we immediately clicked. Bringing her to Canada (and our community) to share what she has to offer was a no-brainer. Donnie's so focused on sharing her talents, expertise and experience in a way we can't help but feel compelled to join her in making the world a much friendlier place for the many other Iyals (her son). Her personable nature, professionalism and experiential input made attendees feel understood, able to recognize their personal or work related experiences in the examples and stories she shared. The ability to bring an audience together on all levels is a gift. Thank you Donnie and I look forward to your return and hope many take that opportunity to nurture and grow in a mutual passion we share in improving the lives of those afflicted by the impact of FASD and towards eradicating the preventable disability through education."
CC Duncan Executive Director of 4children.ca

Growing Up with FASD

1-day Program

Program: April 21 -23, 2011         Ontario, Canada
Understanding the Hidden Abilities of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Sponsored by Linda Purdy Consulting

“I loved the information on the service dog and its impact on Iyal, family and community. Donnie’s expertise in this area was terrific!
                                                         High School Special Education Teacher

“This was awesome. So much information! Thank you so much”
                                                         Parent of teen-ager living with FASD

“This was a great workshop. I gained a lot of important information.”
                                                          Social Worker from Toronto


FASD and Sexuality –
Creating clear understanding and safe boundaries

Half day program
Program: April 5, 2011
First International Conference on FASD and Sexuality – Speaker – Juneau, Alaska Sponsored by Northern Light United Church

We were very pleased to have Donnie Winokur attend our third FASD Conference focusing on Sexuality in Juneau, Alaska on April 5th, 2011.  Alaska has a high incidence of FASD and many who are incarcerated for sexual offenses.  This conference was sponsored by Northern Light United Church as part of its social justice emphasis.  It also involved several social service agencies, educators and law professionals working with children, youth and adults affected by fetal exposure to alcohol.  Donnie brought another dimension by promoting the training and use of a service dog for someone with FASD. Many of the new approaches must be implemented in early childhood to insure success in adulthood.  She presented a courageous and inspirational story of her family’s experience of parenting a child with FASD and autism.  She is invaluable to the cause of educating people through her writing and activism.

Marion Gotschall, retired teacher, member of Northern Light United Church and Conference Committee

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